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Wax Jewelry Models & Molds Atlanta | How They're Made

Learn how wax models are made - The Ross Jewelry Company
Learn how wax models are made - The Ross Jewelry Company
The Ross Jewelry Company in Buckhead offers warm personal service and more than 50 years experience in the creation of wax models and molds.

Wax Ring & Jewelry Models & Molds in Atlanta |  We have often been asked about the process we use to make a model or mold for the jewelry pieces we design and create.  So, the following is a basic outline of how we go about the process . . . a process that dates back to the ancient Etruscans.

Wax Model | First Things First | Before we make the model or mold, the very first step in the creation of a custom-made ring or other piece of jewelry is to ask for a description.  We ask you to describe the piece you want us to make in as much detail as you can provide .  Or, you can show us a picture of what you want.  We then refine all the information you have provided and present you with a detailed sketch or set of full color renderings for your approval.  At this point, you can request any changes you wish to make.  We want your piece to be as perfect as it can be made.  We will incorporate any changes you request and present you with a revised set of renderings for your final approval.

Wax Work Begins | After you have approved the design of your piece, the actual wax work begins.  We will do this one of two ways or by using a combination of both alternatives.  The first option is to totally hand carve the piece and the second option is to have a computer carve/create the piece.  As noted, we sometimes use both hand carved and computer generated options to achieve the best possible and most beautiful results.  When the wax model is finished it will appear exactly as your piece will appear when cast in gold or platinum. So, you will have the opportunity to see exactly how your piece will look before it is cast in metal.  And, at the wax model point, just as with the rendering step . . . you can make any changes you wish.  In the case of the ring pictured at the top of the page, our customer decided that she wanted to add three slightly larger diamonds to the side of her ring.  So, as you can see, we made the change for her and created a new wax for her to approve.

Making the Mold | After you have approved the wax model, we will ask you to make a 50% non-refundable deposition on the actual creation of your finished piece of jewelry. This payment signifies your approval of the design we have created for you and is required prior to moving to the step of creating the mold.  Please note that, up to this point, our services will not have cost you a penny.  We do not charge for the creation of your wax model.  We want to make absolutely certain that you are perfectly happy with the design of your particular jewelry piece before you give us a single cent.

Making it Simple | Once the deposit has been made, we immediately make the mold for your ring.  To make the mold, the wax model is mounted on a small pedestal and a metal cylinder is placed over the model.  With the wax enclosed in the cylinder, the cylinder is filled with a casting investment material that is much like plaster of paris.  After the material has hardened, The cylinder is placed in a kiln and the wax is melted out at high temperature.  This process is know as the "Lost Wax" process.  When the wax is melted away, what is left in the investment is an exact hollow impression of the wax model.  Your mold has now been created.  The next step is to cast your piece in whichever metal you have chosen.  Molten metal is forced into the hollow mold, thereby creating and exact duplicate of the wax model.  We only work in gold or platinum.  This casting process is used for many things in the world around you.  For example, bronze statues you might see in a park.

The above is a general description of the wax model and mold making process we most commonly use.  There can be other steps and some jewelers add a step by making a rubber mold.  We typically create our wax models by computer to ensure a more consistent finished piece and do all the finish work by hand.  It should be noted that we do not make wax models to be sold in the wax form.  We only sell finished pieces.  Also, we do not sell any wax models and, for proprietary reasons, we do not sell any of our wax molds.  This policy, also ensures that your custom designed piece will not be duplicated.  Unless you specifically request a duplicate to be made . . . you will own the only piece like it.  Our customers have often told us that this policy makes their piece even more special.

Have any Questions? | As noted, this has been a condensed description to give you an idea of how our custom made wax models and molds are made and how the process works.  Please don't hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions at all.

Custom Jewelry Design in Atlanta | Buckhead |  Our service is warm and personal . . . and as stated on our opening page, we hope to earn the opportunity to become your "Personal Jeweler".  We invite you to discover our world class services.

The Ross Jewelry Company
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We are proud to hold diplomas from or associations with some of the jewelry industry's most respected organizations.

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