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THE RESCUE  |  Ole' Entertainment is very pleased and proud to present "THE RESCUE " — an exciting movie, based on the book "Privileges of War" by Thomas A. Ross.

1st Lieutenant Tom Ross & Major Ngoc Nguyen

THE RESCUE  |  Like the book, "The Rescue" tells a positive and inspirational story of service during the Vietnam War.  The film is dedicated to all members of the allied forces who served with honor during one of the most controversial periods in American history.

THE RESCUE  |  Now, after nearly a half century, Ole' Entertainment brings to the big screen an exciting, inspiring, true story of service in a faraway place known mainly for death and destruction.  "The Rescue" is a story of two Special Forces officers from different countries, their life-threatening experiences together, and the lifelong bond created as they fight side by side during the Vietnam War — a true story told from a different perspective.

THE RESCUE  |  People often visualize negative images of a dark smoking battlefield when they hear the word “war” uttered in conversation. Sadly, those images are too frequently a fair representation of something that has occurred.  However, sometimes, the battlefield glimmers with the courageous actions of those standing amidst the smoke and chaos.

The Rescue . . . Coming to a theater near you.

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