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Buddha surveys Nha Trang from his commanding position on a small hill north of the city.
Click on Buddha above for a dramatic close-up view of the statue.

Buddha was positioned on this particular hill
so that he could be seen from miles away.
These decorative dragons undulated down both sides
of the steps leading up to Buddha.

Looking east from the hill, the South China Sea
was clearly visible in the distance.

Looking down into the village, it is easy to understand
why opposing units could run each other off the hill.

     Because of it's location and commanding view of the city,  "Buddha Hill" became a strategic location for both the allies and enemy forces. During the 1968 Tet observance, NVA and VC units overran the hill and occupied it for a brief period of time.  Mounting a counter attack, South Vietnamese units with their A-502 advisors recaptured the hill.

     It may be difficult to believe that a war was occurring in this place that seems better suited as a vacation desination.  However, these pictures were taken within days of the battle described above.  Click on Buddha for a spectacular picture of the statue.

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