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Wholesale Diamonds in Atlanta | Wholesale Diamond Dealers

Wholesale Diamonds in Atlanta and Wholesale Diamond Dealers Atlanta - Learn the Facts

Diamond Wholesalers Atlanta and Wholesale Diamond Dealers Atlanta - Every day consumers are exposed to advertisements from companies or individuals claiming to be Wholesale or Discount Diamond Dealers.  If you live in Atlanta and are in your car with the radio on for any length of time at all . . . you have heard something similar to one or all of the following:

"I travel to Antwerp to buy our diamonds to get them at the best price . . ."


"Our sale people aren't on commission . . ."


"You would pay $6,000.00 for these diamonds anywhere else, but you can buy them here for $1,995.00"


Amusing chatter from characters telling you that they . . . "have the best prices on diamonds in Atlanta."

Wholesale Diamond Dealers in Atlanta and Wholesale Diamonds in Atlanta - Learn the Facts
Atlanta Wholesale Diamond Dealers | To start with, as is often the rule, "If it sounds too good to be true . . . it probably is."  In the diamond industry today, there is so much competition that those who sell diamonds must be very competitive if they are to be successful.

Wholesale Diamonds in Atlanta | We don't have to go to Antwerp or anyplace else for fine quality diamonds at very good prices.  Because of our time in the diamond trade, credit rating, and reputation within the diamond and jewelry industry, we typically receive three to ten calls daily from diamond cutters and diamond suppliers from cutting centers around the world with offers of diamonds at "direct prices".  And . . . because we mark our diamonds based on purchase price rather than market price, our advantage becomes your advantage.

Wholesale Diamonds Atlanta | Diamond Wholesalers have a legitimate role within the jewelry industry.  Typically, reputable diamond wholesalers only sell to jewelry trade retailers. If someone claims to be a wholeseller, but sells to the public, then something isn't quite right.  Diamond Discounters can be anyone claiming to sell diamonds at a discount. Obvious maybe, but this is a case where you have to be very careful.  Are you really getting what you thought you were buying?  Are you really comparing apples to apples when you shop with a "diamond discounter"?

Wholesale Diamonds Atlanta | In the end, regardless of where you shop, you need to learn as much as you can about diamonds before you shop. Then, shop at several places. You will buy where you feel most comfortable.

If you have any questions about diamonds or for the best prices on diamonds from virtually any source . . . including some "so-called" diamond wholesalers, discounters, and the internet, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We think you will be very pleased that your search led you to us.

Atlanta Wholesale Diamonds and Atlanta Discount Diamonds - Learn the Facts

Diamond Wholesalers Atlanta - The Ross Jewelry Company
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We are proud to hold diplomas from or associations with some of the jewelry industry's most respected organizations.

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