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Diamond Ledgends Atlanta | Story of Lost Diamond Mine

Miniteba - The original . . . Queen of Diamonds
Lost African Tribes

Lost Diamond Mines

Queen of an ancient lost African tribe, Miniteba and her warriors were said to be the guardians of Africa’s oldest known diamond mines. These mines have been conjectured to hold greater wealth than the fabled lost mines of King Solomon. Until recently, both the mines and the tribe were believed to be nothing more than the essence of myth and legend. As the tale has been passed from generation to generation across millennia and the rich African soil, the mines were said to produce diamonds the size of python eggs. However, when an adventurer searching for the lost tribes of the Sudan discovered the image of Miniteba and the two large diamonds pictured above, historians and archeologists were forced to take the legend of Miniteba and her lost tribe more seriously.

The adventurer, Antonio DeRosa, a descendant of Leonardo DaVinci, was the only survivor of his fifteen member expedition. Grady Gibbons, a bush pilot flying a survey team along the White Nile, discovered the near lifeless body of DeRosa on a sandbar near the edge of the river. Gibbons landed in a nearby clearing and dragged DeRosa to safety and away from a huge crocodile that was about to end the explorer's life. Witnesses from the survey team report that the angry croc was less than 20 feet away from DeRosa when the courageous pilot arrived on the sandbar. Gibbons and the survey team carried DeRosa to the plane and flew him to Johannesburg where he was transported to the trauma unit at Johannesburg Hospital.

A day after his arrival at the hospital, Derosa lapsed into a coma, but not before he spun a tale nearly impossible to believe . . .

At the time of DeRosa’s rescue, he was wearing a heavy backpack which contained the carving pictured above that was later determined by archeologists to be an image of Miniteba. Also found in DeRosa's backpack were the two large diamonds that he claimed were among hundreds that covered the ground around the carving of Queen Miniteba. Just before slipping into the coma which now holds him captive, DeRosa is reported to have whispered to one of his doctors, "Our trouble began when we discovered the diamonds . . ."

This page continues to be updated . . . please visit again to learn more about this tale of lost people and lost treasures.

Diamond Legends from The Ross Jewelry Company
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