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Conflict Diamonds | Blood Diamonds

Conflict Diamonds & Blood Diamonds |  Buying a diamond and concerned about how to avoid purchasing what are now called either "Conflict Diamonds" or "Blood Diamonds"?  Whether you live in Atlanta, Georgia or anywhere else, you have come to the right place.  This is where you will have all of your diamond questions answered.

What are Conflict Diamonds and Blood Diamonds?

Conflict Diamonds and Blood Diamonds are diamonds that originate in areas of Africa, primarily Angola and Sierra Leone. These are areas that have been controlled by forces or factions opposed to legitimate and internationally recognized governments. The diamonds are used to fund military action in opposition to those governments, or in contravention of the decisions of the United Nations Security Council.

How can Blood Diamonds and Conflict Diamonds be distinguished from legitimate Diamonds?

The truth is . . . they can't.  Rough diamond caches have often been used by rebel forces to finance arms purchases and other illegal activities. Neighboring African and other countries can be used as trading and transit grounds for illicit diamonds. Once diamonds are brought to market, their origin is difficult to trace and once polished, they can no longer be identified.  For this reason, the United Nations implimented the following.

According to the United Nations

A well-structured "Certificate of Origin" program can be an effective way of ensuring that only legitimate diamonds -- that is, those from government controlled areas -- reach the marketplace.  Additional controls by Member States of the United Nations and the diamond industry are needed to ensure that such a program is effective.  These measures might include the standardization of the certificate among diamond exporting countries, transparency, auditing and monitoring of the regime and new legislation against those who fail to comply.

The tragic conflicts in Angola and Sierra Leone, fuelled by illicit diamond smuggling, have already led to action by the Security Council.  Under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, targeted sanctions have been applied against UNITA in Angola and the Sierra Leone rebels, including a ban on their main source of funding -- illicit diamonds. Diamond sanctions have also been applied against Liberia.

In the United States, the Jewelry Industry and . . . your reputable local jeweler have taken strong positions.

Atlanta, Georgia jeweler, Tom Ross, in his office (above) signing copies of his recently published book about his experiences as a former U.S. Army Special Forces Officer and veteran of the Vietnam War.  You will find Tom's responses clear, concise, and professional.  Not surprisingly, for those who know him, Tom has taken a very strong "no compromise" position with regard to Conflict Diamonds and Blood Diamonds.  The Ross Jewelry Company will, very simply, REPORT and SEEK PROSECUTION for any individual or any company it suspects of dealing in illicit diamonds.

It is unlikely that you will find anyone with Tom's years and degree of experience.  Tom has been in the jewelry industry for over 50 years.  He as served as an executive with two of the world's most famous international jewelry companies.  With one of these, he was responsible for the company's international flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City.  As a senior executive with a company based in Palm Beach, Florida, Tom was responsible for multiple divisions of department store jewelry locations across the country.  He has also been associated with one of the countries largest catalog jewelry companies.  To say that he knows the industry from top to bottom may be an understatement.  As much as anything, Tom has very strong personal feelings about his industry's image.  So, for a definitive answer to any question about "illicit diamonds" or other jewelry related question . . . this is your opportunity.  Tom's basic advice is to deal with a reputable jeweler or diamond dealer that you trust.

To learn more or if you still have questions about illicit diamonds. . . you are invited to click the link below, call, or email Tom Ross. Regardless of where you're shopping or intend to buy a diamond, Tom will be pleased to answer your diamond questions or resolve any confusion or concerns you may have about these illicit diamonds.

The Final Word | Because of a dedicated international effort during the last few years, the trade in illicit Conflict Diamonds has been virtually eliminated.

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