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Learn How to Buy a Diamond with Confidence

Learn How to Buy a Diamond

Buying a diamond?  You may not be looking for the Hope Diamond, but if you are shopping for a diamond, it is probably for someone very special or to mark a special occasion . . . maybe even both.  Diamonds are often used as markers of important events along life's journey.  Whatever your reason, the diamond buying experience should be a warm pleasurable one.  In most cases, if you are a first-time diamond shopper, you know nothing about them and have no clue about where to begin the buying process.  Well . . . you begin with the Four Cs - Four C's of diamonds; color, clarity, cut, and cart weight.

Today, with diamonds available on the internet, even seasoned shoppers can become frustrated when presented with confusing or contradictory information related to buying a diamond.  However, as we have said, buying a diamond or any other piece of jewelry should be pleasant . . . even enjoyable, and easy to accomplish.  Unfortunately, it is often made far more difficult than necessary.  Buying a diamond doesn't involve "rocket science", so you will learn exactly what you need to know on this page to . . . buy a diamond with confidence.

Whatever your personal requirements or level of experience, we offer the following basic outline that can be used whether buying a quarter carat diamond or a ten carat diamond . . . and it really is as simple and uncomplicated as presented.

First, begin with the Diamond Buying Formula.  Examine the formula enough to understand how it works.  Then, move on to the Four Cs and become familiar with each "C" factor.  Finally, while it isn't one of the four C's, many of our customers ask about Diamond Fluorescence.  You'll want to take the time to learn how this phenomenon can effect both the appearance of a diamond and its price. Now, enjoy your exploration and research on the things you need to know about diamonds.

Buying a Diamond - Learn the Four Cs
 • Diamond Buying Formula

Diamond Four Cs
 • Diamond Color
 • Diamond Clarity
 • Diamond Cut
 • Diamond Carat Weight

Diamond Four Cs
 • Diamond Fluorescence
Learn how to Buy a Diamond

If you've gone through each of the factors above . . . you are now ready to shop.  You'll be able to enjoy the shopping experience knowing the key factors involved in buying a diamond.

When you actually begin to shop . . . please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding your diamond purchase.  Buying a diamond should be an experience you can enjoy.

Learn How to Buy a Diamond - The Ross Jewelry Company
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