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Buckhead Jewelers - The Ross Jewelry Company
Buckhead Jewelers - Tom & Amy Ross

Buckhead Jewelers  |  The Ross Jewelry Company is located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia and offers a wide array of Jewelry Services.

Buckhead Jewelers |  Tom and Amy Ross offer world class jewelry along with exceptionally warm personal service.  No other jeweler in Atlanta can offer more than The Ross Jewelry Company in Buckhead.  With sources and resources that circle the globe, find exactly what you want in a fine jewelry of any description.  Tom Ross has served as an executive with two of the most renowned jewelry companies in the world.  These positions helped make it possible for him to develop very close relationships with suppliers of the finest Exotic Pearls, Loose Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, or other fine Colored Gemstones.  The Ross Jewelry Company offers you the world of fine jewelry and gemstones . . . all right here in Atlanta.

Jewelers in Buckhead |  One of the most refreshing aspects of dealing with Tom and Amy Ross is that neither will ever attempt to sell you anything.  Rather, you will discover a unique effort to find or create exactly what you want.  And, even more important to most of their clients is that their efforts are to deliver what you want . . . at the very best price available from any source.  You will quickly discover that visiting The Ross Jewelry Company is a warm unique experience.

Buckhead Jewelers |  The Ross Jewelry Company is a "Full-Service" jeweler with over 50 years experience.  If it can be created in jewelry or repaired . . . our craftsmen can do it.  If we are unable to repair it, design it, or create it . . . it is unlikely that anyone else can either.  Our services include Jewelry Repair, Jewelry Appraisal, Custom Jewelry Design, Rolex Watch Repair, Patek Philippe and other Fine Swiss Watch Repair . . . and much, much more.

Jewelers in Buckhead |  For more information about Diamonds, Fine Colored Gemstones, Jewelry Repairs, Jewelry Appraisals, Custom Jewelry Design, or our Rolex Watch Repair services, please email us or call our Buckhead offices in Atlanta (404) 495-3720.

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Our jewelry and watch services include the following:
 • World Class Jewelry Repair
 • Jewelry Appraisal - Jewelry Appraiser
 • Rolex Watch Repair
 • Pre-Owned Rolex Watches
 • Dials for Rolex Watches
 • Patek Philippe - Fine Watch Repair
 • Diamond Dealers & Diamond Brokers
 • Learn How to Sell Your Jewelry
 • Custom Jewelry Design
 • Custom Ring Design
 • How to Buy a Diamond with Confidence
 • International Finger Size Chart
 • Private Jewelers - Personal Jeweler
 • Our Return Policy
 • Store Hours, Map & Directions

Our service is warm and personal . . . and as stated on our opening page, we hope to earn the opportunity to become your "Personal Jeweler".  But, what is a Personal Jeweler?  Well, we have the answer.  We invite you to discover what our customers already know.

Buckhead Jewelers - The Ross Jewelry Company
The Ross Jewelry Company - 3490 Piedmont Road NE (One Securities Centre), Suite 120 - Atlanta, Georgia 30305 - (404) 495-3720
We are proud to hold diplomas from or associations with some of the jewelry industry's most respected organizations.

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